‘You and Me’ Is the Song We Need Right Now: LISTEN

Kenyth Mogan, the queer singer-songwriter who took us over the rainbow in his 2015 Wizard of Oz inspired music video Unlock Your Heart featuring Playgirl cover Ronnie Kroell released “You and Me” Friday and it’s a pop-rock trip into a nostalgic wonderland, which is exactly what we need right now.

Originally recorded by pop music icon Tiffany for the 1990 animated film The Jetson’s Movie You and Me” serves as the lead single to Mogan’s first full-length LP Star Stealer which drops 19 June and consists of 12 cover songs.

“You and Me is one of the songs I am most proud of,” Mogan confesses. “I sent the first demo to one of the original songwriters Steven McClintock, just to see what he thought, and to basically thank him for writing the soundtrack to my childhood. He loved it and has become a huge supporter of my musical journey. It’s an incredible feeling to have someone whose art you’ve admired for so long tell you how much they enjoy the art you’re creating. It’s surreal.”

Listen to a clip below.


“You and Me” is now available on all digital platforms including Apple Music and Spotfiy.