Worldwide Roar Team Offer Tips on Naked Quarantine Life

Since 2009, the Warwick Rowers have dropped trou for their annual Calendar they selled to raise the funds that benefits their charity group, SportAllies, which promotes LGBT inclusion and support in sports. This year, they’ve launched a multimedia campaign that is more than just the calendar, but includes social media as well; which is excellent as the group, now rebranded as Worldwide Roar,  just published its April edition of ROAR Portfolio, a monthly digital download, dedicated to life in the era of pandemic-related quarantine.

According Worldwide Roar’s most recent Instagram post, this issue of ROAR features “home interviews, tips for entertainment in quarantine, and updates from the guys.”

According to Out Sports:  Worldwide Roar’s website promises that each issue features video and content created directly by WR members and proclaims that it “offers male athletes from any sport the opportunity to test their assumptions about who they are as men,” addressing a range of topics, including “gender equality, male mental health, LGBT rights, and, of course, our relationships with our bodies.” You can subscribe to ROAR her Furthermore, Worldwide Roar is utilizing social media to engage its planet-encompassing fanbase, posting another pic that declares, “And we get bored stuck inside too—so set us a challenge! If we think we can do it, we’ll give it a try!” This also functions as a dare to WR’s fanbase to see if they can suggest a challenge that won’t get Worldwide Roar kicked off Instagram.

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