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TONIGHT’S DEMOCRATIC DEBATE  will bring a new perspective to what’s been a relatively friendly sparring in previous engagements. According to CNN, “The final debate before the Iowa caucuses brings new challenges for the Democratic presidential field. In the Middle East, a crisis is rising, with President Donald Trump increasingly at odds with Iran. In Washington, the looming Senate’s impeachment trial could soon command the national spotlight. And in Iowa, the race is wide open. Polls show a tightly bunched top tier ahead of the February 3 caucuses, with Vermont Sen.Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Vice President Joe Biden all with real shots at victory. That makes Tuesday night’s debate, which will have the smallest number of candidates onstage to date, a high-risk, high-reward affair — with each candidate forced to weigh whether they want or need the sorts of direct confrontations a smaller six-person stage could bring.”

Tonight’s debate will air live on CNN at 9PM from Des Moines, Iowa.

Above: Mayor Pete gets a haircut yesterday presumably in time for tonight’s big debate.

THE NEW BOND them song will be composed by Billie Eilish.

STEPHEN KING tried to explain his “diversity in art” views and Twitter went nuts, natch.

Responding to the lack of diversity in the Academy Award nominations, King said he would “never consider diversity in matters of art.” King later tried to clarify his comments, but fans had already made their reactions clear. Photo via @megustaleer

TRANSITION GETS THE COMIC TREATMENT A new comic strip on Instagram powerfully and poignantly looks at what folks of transgender experience can look forward to when beginning hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the other hurdles as they begin the physical and legal process of becoming their true selves.

Panels like the one below which he calls “My first T [testosterone] shot experience,” illustrate its beautiful and powerful simplicity. Check out more comics at @lennonsweets in instagram.

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‼️Disclaimer: This is not real medical advice. Talk to your doctor. Definitely skipped/simplified steps as this is just a fun personal project. ‼️ . . Yesterday I had to give myself a T shot under my doctor's supervision. I did an "okay" job but I'm so proud of myself. Even though I work with needles and blood every day as a tattoo artist, I have very bad injection anxiety and am a fainty person on a good day. . My doctor doesn't think I am ready to do it on my own yet (I definitely almost fainted, that's fair). So the next shot will be supervised as well. I am going to have way more confidence from now on, now that I know what to expect. It'll keep getting easier! . . . . . . . . #comic #transcomic #lgbtcomic #lgbt #trans #ftm #illustration #gaycomic #lostboycomic #transman #nonbinary #genderreveal #comingout #transman

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#GAYNRD‘s Cole Hayes says he loves comics that deal with transitioning because they can be less strident and scary, and more accessible for many people. “There’s a Top Shelf comics writer Erin Nations I love that helped me when I transitioned. I’m glad that there are more and more voices and mediums tackling the subject.”

WILSON CRUZ at the Star Trek: Picard premiere last night.

TUESDAY got me like. #NonStop

JOE MANGANIELLO brought his love of Dungeons and Dragons to kids at Pittsburgh hospital.

GAY POLITICO Devin Barrington Ward jumps into the state Senate race in Atlanta.

THROWBACK to legendary photographer Bruce Weber’s Chop Suey show at the Zelda Cheatle Gallery in London in 1999.

RUSSIAN Hackers are at it again according to Adam Schiff who writes on Twitter, “The Russians appear to be at it again. According to a new report, they’re hacking information that could be a prelude to more election interference in 2020. And again, it appears aimed to help Trump. We must reject foreign meddling. Americans should decide American elections.”

BATS who knew?

DAVE CROSBY of Crosby, Stills and Nash likes Mayor Pete.

CARRIE FISHER is wonderfully cherished in this meme.

WE’RE DRIBBLING over Liverpool soccer player Anton Hysén.


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