Will Smith Is Considering Running For Office—WATCH

Appearing on Pod Save America, global movie star Will Smith told host Jon Favreau that he’s considering running for office in the future.

He did not specify which office.

“I think for now I’ll let that office get cleaned up a little bit,” Smith said, adding: “and then I’ll consider that at some point down the line”.

The actor said he “absolutely” has an opinion and believes in fostering understanding between people, as well as the possibility of social harmony.

“I will certainly do my part, whether it remains artistic or, at some point, ventures into the political arena,” he added.

Talking about race in America, Smith said that he certainly saw more of it when he began his career but, “Fortunately, ignorance is more prevalent than blatant evil, so I’ve always been encouraged that the process of education and understanding could alleviate some of the more dangerous and difficult aspects of racism that have unfortunately been embedded in the very fibres of our country.”

Smith has been promoting his new Netflix series Amend: The Fight For America. He last hinted at a turn in politics back in 2015 when he said then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s statements would drive him to run for office.

Watch the podcast below.