Why I’m Supporting Pete Buttigieg: WATCH

26-year-old Charles Deloach is fan of Pete Buttigieg and took the YouTube to make his smart and persuasive argument about why he’s supporting him.

Last month in  Rock Hill, South Carolina. Deloach “was first in line, queuing for more than three hours,” said the Irish Times, to meet Buttigieg.

He is a true Buttigieg supporter.  “I believe that this is the best person to lead the country in the direction it needs to go. His resume is impressive – Harvard, Oxford, all those languages – but he is also a good person who is honest and can speak to people who don’t necessarily agree with him.  One of the biggest problems facing the country right now is the division between people, so it’s important.”

He references the fact that Buttigieg is one of the few Democrats to have agreed to an interview with Fox News – a decision that he believes shows his willingness to engage with all Americans.

Deloach has an interesting job too, he is President of the Board at Common Space Forum, an organization “My team and I work to lower the barrier that prevents people from having informed conversations about important issues. We do this by allowing our subscribers to vote on a topic which we then research and summarize before meeting up to chat about it,” he writes on LinkedIn.

“I feel compelled to share some thoughts I’ve had about the state of the primary and why I’m supporting Pete for president,” Deloach says.

Watch the video below.

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