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ANDREW GILLUM came out as bisexual after being found with a gay male sex worker who overdosed on meth in a hotel room in Miami Beach in March. The former Florida gubernatorial candidate and Democratic rising star was derailed by the incident.

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According to Essence, “Gillum revealed he’s bisexual during a newly released interview with journalist and TV host Tamron Hall. In doing so, Gillum acknowledged that he had never shared his sexuality publicly before.”

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Gillum said, “You didn’t ask the question, you put it out there as whether I identify as gay. The answer is, I don’t identify as gay but I do identify as bisexual,” Gillum told Hall during the interview, which was the season two debut of the Tamron Hall show. “And that is something that I’ve never shared publicly before.”

BIRTHDAY BOY Brian Sims writes on Instagram, “THANK YOU! Feeling the Birthday #Love in the Capitol today. Thanks to everyone who helped make 41 the best year ev….errr, yeah nevermind. Thanks to everyone who’ll be voting in November and making 42 my best year ever! #BirthdayLove


AUTHOR SCOTT HEIM‘s visual commentary on Summer 2020.

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Posted by Scott Heim on Monday, September 14, 2020

LIFE ON...Venus? 👽 An international team of scientists has detected phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus. This could point to the presence of life in the clouds of Venus. Phosphine, at least on Earth, is a “conclusive bio-signature.”
As far as scientists know, there are only two ways to produce it, either artificially in a lab, or by certain kinds of microbes that live in oxygen-free environments.
TWEET OF THE DAY “Guys I’ve made it.” writes Fresh Faguette.

BIRTHDAY BOY NUMBER 2 Anthony Cushion is loved by YouTube star Nick Toteda, “Happy birthday to my best friend, fiancé and love of my life ❤️ It’s been crazy watching you grow as a person over the years and I couldn’t be more proud of you. Can’t wait to see what you accomplish while you’re 22 🤭 I love you so much baby 💖💖• Thanks again for the amazing pics @zaccourchesne 📸”


HOSTILITY & HOMOPHOBIA in the Cayman Islands? According to the Cayman Compass, “Leaked screenshots from a Christian, faith-based WhatsApp group have put the islands’ LGBTQ community on alert over the threatening and violent nature of the messages involved. Advocacy group Colours Cayman is demanding police conduct a thorough investigation into the messages, which suggest gay community members be hanged and their conduct criminalized.”

CASTING CALLHey@Marvel You should cast @danjlevy to play Northstar. They’re both out Canadians with monochromatic style! What more do you need, honestly?” We’re in!

Steiner writes over at The Mary Sue, “Levy, who had previously expressed interest in playing a gay superhero, discussed his relationship with the genre, and his deep dive into the world of LGBTQ+ superheroes:

“I think for a long time, I didn’t really pay attention to a lot of superhero movies because there were not a lot of gay people in them. In a way, I had always put them in a place that I didn’t have a direct line of relation to because I don’t read the comic books. It wasn’t until I started researching the monologue that I realized, within the actual comic book world, there is quite an incredible array of queer superheroes. Where are they in the movies? I mean, really, in researching for this part, it opened my eyes to the world of comic books, in a way. There are some really lovely stories that are being told in these comic books, queer stories. I would love to hopefully be a part of that at some point.”

Who do you think Dan Levy should play? My money is on fellow Canadian Northstar. I mean, the resemblance is uncanny:

AMAZON PRIME Check out some of the wonderful women of Themiscyra from Wonder Woman 1984:

WHERE’S THE LIE? Superman versus Amazon Prime’s The Boys Homelander.

HUGS Conner Kent and Tim Drake aka Superboy and Red Robin.

BLACK WIDOW is getting a new theatrical release date. According to Variety, “Disney will likely delay Black Widow, the superhero adventure from Marvel that was slated to open on Nov. 6, according to multiple individuals with knowledge of the situation. An impending Black Widow delay comes just days after Warner Bros. announced that Wonder Woman 1984 will debut in late December instead of early October. Black Widow starring Scarlett Johansson, has been delayed multiple times since it was originally scheduled to debut in May. Disney has yet to figure out when Black Widow will open and what its move means for future Marvel releases, such as Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and Thor: Love and Thunder.
LOVECRAFT COUNTRY’s Jonathan Majors will portray the Marvel Universe’s new big baddie, Kang the Conqueror, and debut in Ant-Man 3. According to Deadline, “After a star-making turn in HBO’s hit series Lovecraft Country, Jonathan Majors is now ready to make his mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a big way. Majors has been tapped for one of the lead roles in the next Ant-Man movie opposite Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily. The studio had no comment, but sources close to the project say he is likely to play the super-villain Kang the Conqueror. Sources add that like with so many new characters in the MCU, there could be a twist with how the character is featured in future films, but as of now he is likely to be one of the main villains in the next installment in the franchise.”
Den of Geek says, “Kang could be the MCU’s next Thanos, a recurring mega-baddie who keeps upping the threat level until it’s time to bring everyone together to take him out. Kang remains the most high-profile Avengers villain to not show up in a movie to date and can potentially be the focus while we wait for MCU versions of Dr. Doom, Magneto, and Galactus to eventually make their presence known.”
UPLIFTING cartoon of the day.
GHOST STORIES Are there ghosts at Gettysburg? According to The New York Post, “Two ‘ghosts’ at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, were spotted — 157 years after the infamous Civil War battle. See the spooky sight for yourself, filmed by New Jersey resident Greg Yuelling, as he drove through the historical battleground with his family on Sept. 2, 2020.”
CHEAT SHEET HBO’s Lovecraft Country is getting a syllabus for each episode for folks that may not be that familiar with the literary references. i09 reports, “Lovecraft Country has as lot of powerful, distinct intersections with Black history, looking at the Black experience in the United States during the time in which it’s set through the lens of horror. It sure would be nice if someone put together a list of resources and reading materials to help you, or, say, your students better understand that history.”
Well, you are in luck, whether you’re an educator or a curious viewer. Courtesy of Langston League—an education organization that that creates study materials with distinctly pop-cultural relevance—Lovecraft Country now comes with the annotations, reading suggestions, and information that turn a powerful period piece into a real informational tool. Announced via Twitter, the series of syllabi for Lovecraft County’s episodes is intended to cover every episode of the season, with the first three released today.”

NO 5G AT DC Newsarama says that “DC’s publisher/chief creative officer Jim Lee says If you’re looking forward to DC’s 5G initiative, it’s “not going to happen” and that some of the reports online have been “wrong” speculation. As revealed in a prerecorded ‘Jim Lee answers fan questions about comic books’ video which debuted during September 12’s DC FanDome: Welcome to the Multiverse, Lee shoots down the widespread 5G rumors and instead paints a more “organic” and individualized approach to bolstering the DC comics line in 2021. “There won’t be a project called ‘5G’, or a big reboot, or whatever,” Lee says. “We really want to focus on individual titles, and organically build up individual characters over the course of the next year.”

TWEET OF THE DAY 2 Angel the Fag writes, “I’m so disassociated with heterosexuality that I cannot imagine a reality in which I’m ever attracted to the opposite sex.”

Same sis.

BIDEN WILL LIFT TRANS WORD BAN at the CDC says LGBTQ for Biden, “The Trump admin banned officials at #CDC, the nation’s top health agency, from using some words in official 2018 budget documents. @glaad The Trump Accountability Project (TAP).

LOGGERHEADS are multiplying in the Mediterranean. According to The Greek Reporter, “The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, 2020 has seen an unusually high number of loggerhead sea turtle nests in waters around Greece and in the Mediterranean as a whole.After surveying the 75 km (47 miles) of Greek beaches which serve as nesting sites for the beautiful, gentle creatures, ARCHELON found 6,500 nests, a heartening increase from last year’s 5,400. Encouragingly, this upward trend has also been recorded in other Mediterranean countries.”

COVER BOYS “We be lining up for the sauna run 5k!” says Jeremy and his boyfriend.

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PARTING SHOT Carole Baskin on Dancing with the Stars. This she definitely killed.