Watch this Father Connect with His Gay Son by Doing Drag Together #DadGoals

Owen and his dad Shaun.

Grab the tissues.

On the latest episode of Drag SOS, which debuted in June, a father, Shaun, tries to connect with his son, Owen, who came out as gay when he was 10 years old. Owen is a drag queen, so dressing in drag brings Shaun to tears as he thinks about his son’s experience growing up, where he feels he may have failed him as a father.

Shawn says that when Owen came out, he had some, “pretty caveman thoughts, like where did I go wrong, did I not spend enough time with him? Did something I don’t know happen at school?”

Shawn was nominated by his son Owen and helped by the Family Gorgeous, a group of drag queens from Manchester, who are the stars of Drag SOS.

By the end you realize the impact on the future for Owen and his Dad from this experience is indelible. Shaun was already reflecting on his past feelings and reactions towards his son, and the dragsperience was the perfect catalyst to finalize their bond of love, acceptance and support.

It was everything.

Shaun in center

Groups like The Family Gorgeous — the drag family at the centre of Drag SOS — show that drag is genderless and is for all.

Watch the clip below.

Drag SOS, will follow the Family Gorgeous, a group of drag queens from Manchester, who will be travelling across to UK transforming members of the public into drag superstars and training them to put on a lip synching show in front of an audience at the monthly Cha Cha Boudoir.

The Family Gorgeous.

The family is led by founders Cheddar Gorgeous and Anna Phylactic, who opened up about the show. Cheddar told Hello! magazine:

“Whether you’re male, female, straight or gay, old or young, drag is all about finding your most glamorous route to self-confidence. We all have a past, our own stories and drag is the most fabulous way to celebrate ourselves. People have come to us for all kinds of reasons, from bereavement to poor body image. Drag is all about establishing identity and putting it center stage.”

Bustle says of the show:

The show follows a super well-loved and respected group of queens from Manchester known as The Family Gorgeous. This drag family was set up by Cheddar Gorgeous and Anna Phylactic, and hosts Cha Cha Boudoir nights, which they describe on their Facebook as “[p]assion, glamour and illicit behaviour wrapped up in one night of camp performances and soapbox disco.” 

The Family Gorgeous also invite guests to learn all the tricks of the trade via their very own monthly drag lab. We are talking style, wigs, makeup, and of course lashings of sass, all in the name of helping people pull out their inner drag queen and find their spotlight.

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