WANTED: Suspect In the Murder of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick

The man who has been identified as the chief  suspect in the horrific murder of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick is wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

The man in question has thus far been referred to as #ExtinguisherMan

In the statement, following his death, the family  of Sicknick wrote: “There really aren’t enough kind words in any language to describe how sweet Brian was. He was truly a lovely, humble soul. We are missing him terribly. Sicknick’s family said he loved his job with the US Capitol Police, and was very passionate about it. “Our loss of Brian will leave a large hole in our hearts. The tremendous support we have received from the US Capitol Police, the law enforcement community, and the community as a whole has been overwhelmingly warm and generous. We’re very grateful for everyone’s kindness during this difficult time,” the family added.

Sicknick’s death shook the many Americans while they still grappled with how an armed mob could storm the halls of the US Capitol as the presidential election results were being certified, sending hundreds of lawmakers, staff and journalists fleeing for safety.  Videos published online show vastly outnumbered Capitol Police officers trying in vain to stop surging rioters, though other videos show officers not moving to stop rioters in the building.

Police leadership badly miscalculated the threat despite weeks of signals that Wednesday could get violent.  And they refused Pentagon help three days before the riot, and again as the mob descended.


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