University of Michigan Students Protest Dismal COVID-19 Quarantine Conditions: WATCH

Students at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor who have tested positive for coronavirus are forced to quarantine in empty university apartments that the students claim are roach infested and left to fend for themselves without proper hygiene supplies and virtually no administrative support.

Quarantined student Sam Burnstein recorded the Tik Tok video below outlining the conditions.

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The residence hall staff are on strike in solidarity with the students demanding more protections from the virus. Michigan Live reports, “Residence hall staff have several demands for UM administrators, including regular access to COVID-19 testing, effective personal protective equipment for staff and students, enforcement of social distancing and hiring and staffing to normal capacity for all facilities and housing teams, according to a news release.”

“We will not be patronized and pushed around by (UM) anymore,” the release states. “We are the students they promised to keep safe. We are putting our lives on the line for a university that shows us every day how little it cares for us, and we will stand for it no longer.”

Official methods of raising concerns have not been effective, residence hall staff said in the release.

“It is clear that housing is not engaging with us in good faith and has given us all that they are willing to give,” according to a statement in the release. “It is only by leveraging our power and our unity that we can make the dorms and this campus a safer place for students and staff.”