Trevor Noah Skewers Trump’s Jealousy of Mayor Pete: WATCH

Noah nails it again.

Trevor Noah looked at the difference among the 2020 Democratic candidates who have agreed to appear on FOX News, with a focus on Pete Buttigieg’s recent Town Hall.

Noah found Trump’s tantrum to be transparently jealous.

Said Towleroad:

“Aww, poor Trump! You realize what happened here? The news network that he loves the most flirted with a younger, hotter candidate and he’s clearly shook. He’s clearly shook. You heard when his voice broke. Trump is basically a guy scrolling through his ex’s Instagram, trying to act like he doesn’t care. He’s just like (in Trump voice), ‘Look at this new guy. This new guy FOX is with, what a loser. His boobs are way smaller than mine. You know what’d be funny is if I followed him totally as a prank,” says Noah.

As for whether Democrats should appear on FOX News, Noah said: “I don’t think there’s one correct answer. In many ways, it’s just like eating an Oreo. You can dunk it, you can twist it, you can lick, it whatever. Just as long as (referring to HUD Secretary Ben Carson) you don’t think it’s a f**king real estate term you should know as a part of your goddamn job!”

Watch the hilarious segment below.

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