‘Tranpa’ Buck Angel Unveils New Sculpture Saying It Validates a Life of ‘Draining Disconnect’ For Him

Adult performer and longtime transgender and cannabis advocate Buck Angel says that a new sculpture of him by artist Marc Quinn in the Australian Museum of Art in Melbourne makes him “feel very very grateful that this is my life.”

Angel wrote on Instagram Thursday: “Mine. To share with you. My body, mind, and soul. The disconnect from my body was very draining. It took all my energy. Everyday wanting something else. Everyday dreaming to be what I am today. Living life on earth as a man. A man not born that way. A man in a costume that never felt right. A man walking the world in a womans body. Angry at you. Angry at me. Wanting to disappear. Almost getting there. Something happened that changed my perspective on my situation. Using medical intervention to find myself. Sculpting my body the way I wanted, not what you wanted. Finding freedom from the pain. Creating a space in the world for me to walk the walk and talk the talk. Today this sculpture by @marcquinnart stands in the Australian Museum of Art in Adelaide.A permanent piece placed in the classical art room for the world to see a man with a vagina. Creating my space has helped others create their space. Create yours without the anxiety of making sure you make others happy. You will never be happy if you do not do everything for you. Everyday I get pushback because of my vagina. It has made me so strong. I feel very very grateful that this is my life. Make your life yours,


The moving letter underscores the importance of representation particular for trans folks and particular for men of trans masculine experience (traditionally known as Female to Male or FTM).


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He also posted the image on Twitter: “One of the things I am most proud of. This sculpture is permanent piece at the Australian Museum of Art Melbourne. Everyday the world sees this transsexual man. Artist Marc Quinn. Grateful, Tranpa”

On background, a quick primer on Angel in his own words, “I was born biologically female. I use testosterone to masculinize myself so I feel more like me. I had a legal sex change and now live as a male. All male pronouns. I am a transsexual and will never be biologically male. But I do live as a male. Simple.”