Teen Gay Love Blooms in ‘Giant Little Ones’—WATCH

Filmmaker Keith Behrman is back with a brand new, teen drama Giant Little Ones available to download February 3 and on DVD from February 10.

According to Attitude: “The film follows best friends Franky Winter and Ballas Kohl  who have a perfect teenage life – until the night of Franky’s epic 17th birthday party when Franky and Ballas are involved in an unexpected incident that changes their lives forever.”

In an interview with the magazine Behrman says: It all began when I was finishing a long period of studying and practicing mediation. I took many years off and delved into mediation and yoga and I was doing retreats. At the end of my last long retreat, I had a dream about a teenage boy in the kitchen talking to his mother. The dream really captured my attention and so, when I finished that retreat, I started writing Alex and about that dream and it just kept evolving until it got to the point when I realized there was a story and I decided I would make another film. And I just followed the breadcrumbs and continued writing and the more I wrote, eventually this particular story emerged. Around that same time, there was a rash of teenagers in Canada who had killed themselves because of the treatment they were getting at high school. I talked to my friend about that and I think it planted the seed as well which eventually came to fruition.

I knew I didn’t want to make a film about high school kids killing themselves, but the stories I was reading had an impact on me and I wanted to make something that dealt with that topic but did so with an inspiring positive note.

Read the full interview here and watch the trailer below.


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