‘Tax the Hell Out of Me,’ Says Bernie Bro & Google Exec

“Being in the top 1% of income,” tweeted Michael Sayman, “my taxes will go sky-high under a Bernie Sanders administration, but sometimes you have to be willing to fight for someone else, fight for someone you don’t know.”
“People are dying cuz they don’t have healthcare, those are people worth fighting for.”

According to Common Dreams, “Michael Sayman—a young millionaire Google executive—openly embraced Monday the prospect of a Bernie Sanders administration that would “tax the hell out of me” as he invoked the campaign’s recent rallying cry to “fight for someone you don’t know.”

“While I live in luxury, most Americans are working harder than I’ll ever work in my life, and get paid scraps for it,” tweeted 23-year-old Sayman, who works as senior product manager at Google. “It ain’t right. Tax me whatever’s necessary.”



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