Star Trek: Discovery’s Commander Georgiou Now Has a ‘Georgiou’s Fight Club’ Fan Group: WATCH

Michelle Yeoh’s depiction of Commander Phillipa Georgiou has been one of the most entertaining characters on Star Trek: Discovery.

Georgiou often gets the funniest and juiciest lines of dialogue. That coupled with her fighting prowesson display since before her 2000 star turn as Yu Shu Lien in director Ang Lee’s global hit, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, has earned Georgiou her own fan group trending on Reddit called Georgiou’s Fight Club.

In the second episode of season three, Georgiou defies orders to come to to the rescue of Saru and Tilly from a local gangster. In typical Georgiou fashion she’s wildly underestimated by the gang of criminals resulting in the entire crew being killed in action attempting to subdue her.

Watch the clip below and further down to two other memorable scenes from season 2.

Remember that time she officially freaked everyone out by hitting on Stamets and telling him, “don’t be so binary. In my universe he was pansexual we had defcon level sex.”

“And you too Papi,” she says to Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz).

But the greatest confrontation was the epic fight between Georgiou and Burnham on the Section 31 Starship to save Spock.