‘Star Trek Discovery’ Exhibit Puts You In the Captain’s Chair

Gaynrd correspondent Rick Guasco (and self identified Trekkie) set out to Los Angeles and the Paley Center for its ‘Star Trek: Discovery—Fight for the Future’ exhibit to see if it passed his personal Kobayashi Maru standards.

From the time I was a kid in the ’70s, Star Trek has inspired me. These are stories of leadership, friendship, sacrifice, and doing the right thing in difficult times. Star Trek, to me, is about becoming your best self and helping others to do the same. That’s why I’ve always wanted to be a starship captain. No wonder then, walking into the exhibit, I was drawn to the captain’s chair.

The Red Angel Suit

I found the lavish and unbelievably detail oriented costumes and props transport you to the world of Star Trek: Discovery.

USS Discovery

As beautifully rendered and detailed as the costumes are however, you’re almost instantly drawn to the exhibit’s real attraction—the captain’s chair.

Make it so in the captains chair.

It’s every Trekkie’s dream selfie. The exhibit, however, is as much Television Academy as it is Starfleet Academy. Star Trek: Discovery is nominated for two Emmy awards—prosthetic makeup and sound editing, so this mini-exhibit in many ways an immersive “For Your Consideration” pitch.

But it doesn’t take from the fun.

On display aren’t costumes; they’re curated as artifacts from the 23rd century. No pajama onsies here, like on The Next Generation.

Imperial Klingon Regalia

In a 4K ultra high-definition world, attention must be paid to detail, from the ornate capes and robes of the Klingons, to the chevron pattern on the EVA spacesuits, to the shiny twin buckles on the boots of the bridge uniforms. Life-like heads of Andorians, Saurians and Vulcans (oh my!) reveal the equally elaborate prosthetic work.

Klingon bat’leths

Ironically, it’s the captain’s chair, positioned in front of what looks like a cardboard backdrop of the Discovery bridge, that is the most modest piece of the exhibit. Well crafted, but simple, with a black and white iPad-like screen in each armrest. Still, the captain’s chair draws you to it. Engage!

‘Star Trek Discovery: Fight for the Future,’ exhibit is on display through Sunday, July 7 at the Paley Center for Media, in Beverly Hills. Admission is free; no advance ticketing. Details here.

Photos: Rick Guasco

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