SIGN Wilson Cruz’s Anti-Equinox Petition NOW

OUT ACTOR Wilson Cruz, who just began shooting season 3 of his hit show Star Trek: Discovery in Toronto, has come out swinging against Stephen Ross, majority owner of both Equinox gyms and Soul Cycle, businesses that have cultivated an LGBT customer base over the years.

Ross, who is holding a huge fundraiser for president Donald Trump in the Hamptons has come under fire on various fronts, but Cruz was the first to start a petition.

Cruz said, “We joined this gym because we believed it shared our values,” Cruz stated in the petition. “We believed it was a safe space for people like us. We believed that we were supporting a company that was inclusive, accepting and celebrating our diversity and supporting our physical and mental health as a community.”

“You have a MORAL obligation to be all of those things for your members,” he continued. “Supporting this administration and the myriad of ways in which it undermines and endangers members of our communities is UNACCEPTABLE and if this fundraiser indeed does take place we will be looking for another gym to give our money to and we will be calling on our networks of LGBTQ and POC friends to do the same.”

“Here’s the thing,” Cruz told Out magazine, “You can’t be a champion of diversity and host a fundraiser for the re-election campaign of a white supremacist.”

Cruz posted on Facebook (see below) from folks that work at Equinox about how they felt about the boycott.

Sign the petition here.

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