Shawn Mendes 5 Times Because we Missed his Birthday: WATCH

The news has been so depressing and overwhelming that we overlooked our fave male pop star Shawn Mendes’ birthday, who turned 21 yesterday, August 8th.

To celebrate Mendes here’s 5 times he made us swoon.

ONE His amazing appearance on SNL May 5, 2019 where he killed with his live rendition of “In my Blood.”

TWO His full live set from the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park last summer.

THREE Those Calvin Klein Ads.

FOUR The time he told James Corden he’d pay for a pair of Justin Bieber’s used jockstraps. “You know Justin Bieber just wears a new pair of underpants every day,” Corden enlightened the singer, who seemed intrigued by the “genius” idea. “I think he then sells them online…it’s a complete 360. Everybody’s happy.”

“I’d buy them,” Mendes, a known fan of his fellow Canadian heartthrob, admitted matter-of-factly. “I’d probably cap it at, like, $500. Which is still a lot of money.”

Mendes’ hefty proposed price tag evidently struck an idea with Corden, who then inquired: “How much would you pay for a pair of my underpants?”

“I wouldn’t,” Mendes hilariously answered. “I’d pay not to have a pair of your underpants. I would pay for them to be as far away from me as possible. Over $500.”

FIVE That time he was very sweet and thoughtful answering a fan’s request to help her make a coming out video to her parents.

“I’m bisexual and I haven’t told anybody, but my parents are very strict and I don’t know how to tell them so I was wondering if you could do a little video…,” the fan asked.

“This is what I want to tell you,” Mendes thoughtfully replied. “Your parents are your parents. They’re going to love you no matter what you say, no matter how you say it, no matter how you look when you say it, at any time of the day. Nothing I say is going to mean anything that is even close to what you saying it means to them. Okay? You’re their world. I cannot possibly come close to the amount of joy and happiness that they’re going to feel when they find out that you’re telling them your truth and you’re honest. Don’t ask me to do that. I would if I thought that it was a better thing to do, but I know in my heart that it’s not. I know your parents are going to love you even more for being honest with them.”

And the internet went batshit crazy.

Happy Birthday, handsome! We love you.

Watch ENews birthday video below.

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