Ricky Martin Says the Non-Violent Protest Movement that Peacefully Transitioned the Mantle of Power in Puerto Rico Speaks to the Resilience of the Collective Boriqua Spirit: WATCH

RICKY MARTIN posted a video discussing his involvement in various government and activist circles in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico we did it. And we did it in peace. With no guns, like Gandhi. We demanded respect and we were heard. Respect for our children, respect for our women, respect for the LGBT community, respect for our dead. This will never happen again. We won’t let anyone walk all over us again. We will be attentive, vigilant. There’s so much to do now. It is now we need to work more than ever. We succeeded today because we were united. For many decades Puerto Rico was divided. NOT ANY MORE. I am hopeful of our new generation that is instinctively moving things forward. And now, we turn the page. I see a very bright future. 
I now feel very calm as I celebrate. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions. From anger to joy (I’ve cried like crazy). This has been a birth. 
We now can achieve anything we want. We are an example. No more corruption, no more trash. WE’VE RESCUED OUR ISLAND. 
And now, go out to the streets. GO AND CELEBRATE but please DO NOT DROP THE BALL. EYES WIDE OPEN FROM NOW ON. 
I want to thank the members of the press for keeping us informed. Thank you. Because of your outstanding job, the whole world listened. I am sure some
“Leaders of the world” won’t be able to sleep tonight. I’m sure some are nervous. 
We’ve written a powerful page in history tonight. PUERTO RICO, ESTAMOS BIEN. 
Te amo.

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