Pup Play 101: Who’s a Good Boy? #GayPup #Locktober

The proliferation of pup play in gay porn and social media has been exponential in just the last 5 or 6 years. Pup play was popular enough in the summer of 2015 to warrant a feature in Seattle’s The Stranger and enough people into it that venues were now catering to the theme.

From rolling over, getting spanked with a rolled up newspaper, to belly rubs and butt sniffs, pup play is a lot like it sounds. How’d it become so huge? And what role does chastity play?


The Stranger’s headline read, “What Is Puppy Play and Why Is It So Popular?”


“A Primer on the Kink That Involves Puppy Hoods, Wagging Tails, Fetching Bones, and Barking—But Not Necessarily Sex.”


I wanted to know more.

Puppy play means role-playing as a dog, down on all fours and barking, and yes, it’s weird. Of course it is. But I know you’re not the sort of person who uses “weird” as a pejorative term, because you’re reading The Stranger.


“If you’re having trouble understanding the appeal of puppy play, just imagine how amazing it would be if there were a form of group relaxation where you could empty your mind of all your cares, forget all of your responsibilities, lower all of your defenses, and bypass small talk forever. Now imagine that vigorous cuddling and praise are key components of this relaxation technique. And did I mention snacks? You get snacks. Awesome. Why aren’t we pupping right now?” Anonymous Pupper

What are little boys made of?
Slugs and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails…

Pup play is meant to be enjoyable, you are supposed to be having a good time. However, it is not the sole focus of training and pup activity for a Sirius Pup.

Fun is to be had, but there are rules to be obeyed too.


The training offered leads to development of a true pup self, an alternate persona that you can relax in to at any time, finding solace from stress in your life and expression of your primal needs and desires.


To achieve that self you need guidance, and that teaching is done by your trainer.




SETTING BOUNDARIES Some owners and trainers do like to feel powerful and in total control of a pup. Even free and easy masters can still be self indulgent and rationalise away their taking total control of a pup, often imagining “I am just doing what the pup wants”. And then there are masters who are seriously insecure inside, and the control of a pup gives them a sense of power and self worth. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what the reasoning, a pup owner shouldn’t have total control over a pup. There should always be a boundary set, defining what you as a pup will and won’t tolerate. You both have to be sensible adults first, fuck buddies and bdsm playmates second. Repeating above, it is your responsibility to look after you.


The rules are simple: Have fun.

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“The entry level is so low and nonthreatening,” SEA-PAH (THE SEATTLE PUPS AND HANDLERS ASSOCIATION) vice president pup Amp told me. All a puppy has to do, he explained, is relax and switch their brain from that of a logical calculator to a reactive animal. When he’s in pup mode, he said, he has “no real inner monologue. Just me at my rawest form. Affectionate and loving and sharing myself.”

Type in #pupplay on Tumblr, Twitter, or Insta and the sheer number of accounts is staggering.

#Locktober #Explained

Almost everyone who is into pup play, also was participating in #Locktober and had photos and anecdotes of being put in a chastity, so that they’re are at the mercy of their owners to even touch their dicks.

According to Urban Dictionary, Locktober is, “When typically men put on chastity cages on for the entire month of October. I’m going to be so horny at the end of Locktober. #kink#chastity#gay#fetish#bdsm#dom/sub#chastity
And  #Locktober is not limited to gay boys, Mel Magazine has been covering the chastity movement among our straight peers. They’re just as kinky.

Mel writes: “Michael’s heart raced with nervous excitement as midnight approached on September 30th, at which point he voluntarily slid his dick into The Vice, a plastic chastity cage with an “anti-pullout” device. The 28-year-old from Washington, D.C., had been pursuing his next frivolous nut online when he stumbled upon the website of Goddess Summer, a Canadian woman specializing in “chastity and keyholding.” She was offering a promotion for #Locktober, during which men spend the month of October locked in chastity cages.”


Ever since — a total of 30 days and counting — Michael’s penis has been locked up.

Locktober has “made life worth living” for Michael, since he’s no longer “blindly going through the motions of each day.” I heard roughly the same thing from the other Locktober inmates I spoke with over the last week.

As you might expect, padlocking your penis for a month isn’t without its challenges. “Taking a shower at the gym the first time was difficult, and a doctor’s visit was a little scary,” say Tom. Not to mention, the agony of morning wood — “I woke up with an unusually vigorous erection [on October 12th], which caused enough pain to make me short of breath,” says Jay — or sexual satisfaction of any kind, which obviously is the point, but something that’s difficult to persevere through nonetheless. In fact, by the third week or so, Geoff says he was “using a dildo on a regular basis just trying to get some relief from the constant horniness.”

That pup play and chastity cages should reach peak woof isn’t surprising to Andrew (not his real name), a sophomore at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY. “Boys,” he begins, “can explore so may aspects of play and our childhoods in sexual ways. The chastity is about ownership and control, like the leash and the pup play. Being locked up is the ultimate worship of your owner who you love.”

“Sometimes,” Andrew says, “just putting a collar on gives the pup the kind of security he needs to know he’s owned and loved.”


Back in February, Slate went and investigated the phenomenon, saying, “for [some] the best way to spend free time is rolling around on floor mats with each other while wearing puppy masks, collars, and tail-shaped butt plugs, barking and sniffing like real pups. Known as pup play, this is a brand of BDSM role-play where people imitate adolescent canine behavior in order to get off. When done with other pups, it’s considered a “mosh,” and it happens regularly at leather bars all across the country. For some, pup play is just for Saturday nights. But could the fetish lifestyle offer more than just a good time?”

Above: The Fog City Pack

We learn about the hierarchy at the Fog City Pack in San Francisco, where the alphas are very much in control and in charge of training and teaching their padawans.

“Pup Turbo (human name: Phil Hammack) is one of the two alphas who lead the pack, which is a group of nine polyamorous pups. What makes them different is that they operate “on a mentorship philosophy and structure,” he explains. Mentorship in the LGBTQ world comes in all forms, whether it’s drag mothers teaching queens to contour and make it in the biz, or leather daddies showing their sub the ropes—literally. But these sorts of mentor relationships often extend to areas of life beyond craft and kink. As Turbo points out, a lot of queer people aren’t raised by queer people. They aren’t taught how to survive and thrive in the world as themselves when it comes to personal growth, relationships, or careers, since society is predominately straight and cis. Many benefit from turning to more experienced people to help show them the way. Although a BDSM puppy pack might seem an unlikely vehicle for mentorship, for the Fog City Pack, it works.”

Over at the kennel, “It’s interesting to note that they’re not really having that much sex anyway. Jumper explains that a common assumption is that they’re going at it all the time. Some of them have had sexual relationships with their pack members at one point or another, but that’s not necessarily the case anymore.”

“Because puppy play and the kink scene is inherently sexual, that was what brought us all together, but I think that the relationship has to be more than that,” Jumper says. “And so it may have been what brought us all together, but the familial bond has kept us all. I don’t think if we all were still just fuck buddies that any of this would’ve happened.”

But with Fog City Pack, “if you strip away the pup-fetish part—and you’re sitting around a dining table with some of them in their street clothes—you see that they’re really no different than a close-knit group of gay guys who care a lot for and support one another. They’re just actively thinking about mentorship alongside the doggy piles. And because of that mix, they seem well on their way to creating a fetish-pup-party dynasty.”

Above: Don’t forget your tail! Check Mr. S-Leather for a selection.


I spoke to @Thor_Pup on Twitter about what to expect and how you get started. He’s a novice and empahsized that his answers are based off his experiences and only speak for him. “Pup play can be many different things for different people,” he says. “And this has just been my experience so far.”

How long have you been doing pup play? I started pup play in June of 2018.

How did you get into it? I was introduced as a form of dom/sub play and explored it from there on my own, both the sexual and nonsexual aspects if it.

Do you have a tail? I have two tails, a show tail and a plug tail.

Are you participating in #Locktober?  I am participating in #locktober, although my cage isn’t sized properly to wear 24/7 I’m not allowed to get off, per my Alpha’s instructions.

What do you like about being locked up? I like the added weight on my package, the reminder that I’m someone’s puppy, the increase intensity once I’m eventually unlocked, and mainly the heighten feeling of being a submissive service beta, focused on taking care of others (both sexually and not).

What’s your biggest fantasy or hottest thing you’ve done? One of my fantasies would be to service multiple people safely, under the watch and order of my Alpha. Serving others and making my Alpha proud.

Woof. ‘Nuff said.


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