Powerhouse Lesbian Entrepreneur Leticia Williams Launches Vegan Cosmetics Line

Leticia Williams, the founder, and CEO of Vatarie Cosmetics fell in love with makeup the moment it touched her skin.

When Williams conceived and launched Vatarie, her mission was to inspire every beautiful human across the globe and have fun while doing so, finding inner beauty, always making a statement no matter what the all gender, race, creed, or religion. As a lesbian Leticia says, “Makeup doesn’t validate you, but it does make life a lot more fun. After all, look into nature? How many different trees, flowers, and plants do you see? Are they all the same? No! Let’s take a lesson from nature and strive to always bloom regardless of the other plants that stand beside us.”

Inspired by all things feminine powerhouse, Leticia developed this line as a high fashion statement, with a pop of lip color to glam up the jeans and tee look.The matte dry look will not dry out your lips, and empowerment is the running theme, helping strengthen positive emotions through the perception of self-love.

William’s sense of humor permeates the company and is evident in their irreverent names of her shades with names like Blood Money, “due to all the blood, sweat, money and tears put into the brand you are getting a piece of something legendary!”

Williams journey to success was not without its challenges. She says, “I’ve always felt like I wasn’t good enough due to mental abuse and being a black woman in this industry feels as though you have to work twice as hard as someone who is not my skin tone. Coming from a broken, struggling, black family dealing with addiction is a child’s nightmare. My mom left due to physical abuse so we had to play house by cleaning and cooking etc. We ended in Miami living with my grandmother. I was  mentally and physically abused and was sent to prison young. I lost my baby sister to AK 47 gun violence at 22, with a one-year old son I raised as my own.