Pete Davidson & Adam Sandler Are Stuck at Home in Hilarious SNL Video: WATCH

Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson and SNL alumn Adam Sandler collaborated on a hilarious video for SNL called “Stuck in the House” that debuted Saturday night. “Stuck with my fam, I can’t get out/For like two months, been on my couch/Runnin’ out of things to talk about/It’s quarantine at my house,” Davidson sings. “I’m going crazy.”

Davidson continues, “Sick of watching shows and talking on Zoom/ hiding from my mom whacking in the bathroom…”

“I broke my leg two weeks ago but I’m too scared to go to the hospital,” Sandler raps. “Never go outside cause I might see my neighbor. Using both sides of my toilet paper. Staying in my house with an underwear mask baking my own bed and it tastes like shit…”

The credits reveal that Davidson’s part of the video was produced by his mom Amy Davidson, who also made an appearance alongside her daughter Casey.

Watch it below.