Pete Buttigieg Tells Adam Lambert that If Every LGBT & Pro-Equality Voter Turns Out ‘It Would be an Unstoppable Force’—WATCH

Gay pop idol Adam Lambert spoke to former Democratic presidential nominee Pete Buttigieg about politics and the upcoming election in a 30-minute broadcast on the singer’s Instagram channel on Thursday.

The two men had a natutral chemistry and there was a surprising number of parallels between them, both are gay, both are 38 years-old, and yet both have lived disparate lives.

After making it clear that they both fully endorsed the Biden/Harris presidential ticket, Buttigieg told Lambert and his audience, “This is your moment of maximum power.”

“If every LGBT and pro-equality voter votes it would be an unstoppable force,” Buttigieg said.

“We get to decide how 2020 ends,” Buttigieg said. “I think 2020 could actually go down in history as the beginning of a different kind of decade. That the 2020s would be remembered as the decade when, frankly, America got its shit together and started moving forward.”

Watch the full interview below.