Pete Buttigieg Says the Times ‘Call For Someone Like Me’

Pete Buttigieg was met with a “rapturous standing ovation when he took the stage at the New Yorker Festival on Saturday afternoon says the The Hollywood Reporter, “then a conversation led by New Yorker editor-in-chief David Remnick dived directly into the impeachment inquiry.”

“This is a moment that calls for someone like me,” said Buttigieg, adding that he’s the opposite of the current administration to many laughs in the room.

When Buttigieg said he “was born in 1982,” he acknowledged the audible murmurings among the Upper West Side crowd, and Reminick asked him to discuss his position as the youngest candidate in the race.

Buttigieg responded by saying that whether or not someone can handle the rigors of the campaign trail is a good indicator as to whether they are fit for the job. “Certainly wisdom comes with age, wisdom comes with experience,” Buttigieg said. “But the current President is the oldest we’ve ever had.”

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