Pete Buttigieg is the First Candidate to Hire a Faith Outreach Director for 2020 Presidential Election

Peter Buttigieg is the first Democratic Candidate to hire a Faith Outreach Director.

According to the Washington Post, “77% of Americans identify as members of some religious tradition, while the majority of the rest identify as “spiritual.”

Talking about faith, as Mayor Pete, has been, can essentially mean talking to everyone. Although the Reverend Shawna Foster, believes that language is important because many people are being left out she said.

“I want to make sure the campaign is reaching out to faiths that haven’t had much say in politics–Native American, Sikh, Bahais.”

Foster is the one Buttigieg has charged with bringing his message to all these faiths.

Buttigieg has been very vocal about his personal faith and his desire to reclaim religion which he feels has been high jacked by the religious right.


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