GoFundMe Cuts Ties To the President While Only One Person Shows Up To the Pro-Trump Twitter Protest

Four days after President Trump incited violence at a rally in Washington D.C. and there appears to be global consensus that the Trump is bad for business. Following virtuallly every social media company announcing that that the president was persona non-grata going forward,  Deutche Bank, the last major American bank willing to lend him money has officially cut ties.

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Donald Trump, Sauli Niinisto. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in the Oval Office of the White House, in Washington
Trump, Washington, USA – 02 Oct 2019

CNN reported: The bank entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors who allege the bank violated anti-bribery laws while doing business abroad. The bank has agreed to pay more than $100 million in penalties, prosecutors announced Friday.

The German bank entered into the agreement with Brooklyn federal prosecutors remotely. The criminal complaint charges the bank with two counts including conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and wire fraud conspiracy affecting a financial institution.
The agreement does not include mention of any connection to an investigation by Manhattan federal prosecutors into whether President Donald Trump misled or defrauded Deutsche Bankby inflating the value of some of his assets. But it does say that Deutsche Bank would “cooperate fully” with other investigations.
The Bank has loaned the Trump Organization more than $300 million, and CNN reported that the private bankers who worked with Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner resigned weeks before Trump’s last day in office.

The WSJ’s Tim O’Brien wrote, “Even if President Trump thinks of it as one of the “largest and most prestigious banks in the world” — isn’t a happy or unblemished story for POTUS:

Deutsche ‘s cutting of ties is no fluke, Trump’s dealings with the bank — which have represented, at a minimum, a serious and long-standing financial conflict for him given the influence he wields over law enforcement and financial regulation as president — are about to draw greater scrutiny. The House Financial Services Committee, which Democrats will take control of in January, has the power to subpoena Deutsche for banking records and other information regarding its relationship with the president, the Trump Organization and the Kushner family. It seems almost certain that the committee will deploy that power — especially given the news that Deutsche has landed in the middle of yet another money-laundering probe.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, only one person showed up for the pro-Trump protest in front of Twitter HQ. o The lone protester Rebecca Brooks came to show her discontent toward Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey who is “silencing conservative voices.”
And lastly, the social media and crowd sourcing company of last resort, GoFundMe has cut ties with anything even percieved Trump related.

According to Buzzfeed News: As Trump supporters continue to plan rallies in Washington, DC, before and during Joe Biden’s inauguration, GoFundMe, the largest fundraising platform in the world, has banned their ability to raise money for travel expenses.GoFundMe, used by 96 million people, announced the decision to ban those fundraisers on Monday. Like other tech giants, the crowdfunding company, which has processed more than 120 million donations since it launched in 2010, has been scrambling to find, monitor, and remove incendiary pro-Trump content.

Lastly , she cannot even easily rent a car.

“Due to the violence, GoFundMe has removed numerous fundraisers intended to raise money for travel expenses,” a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “GoFundMe will remove fundraisers for travel expenses to a future political event where there’s risk of violence by the attendees.”

GoFundMe campaigns have helped to raise money for and spread the world about pro-Trump events. BuzzFeed News previously identified more than a dozen campaigns, which the site has since removed, that raised money for people to travel to DC for the rally on Jan. 6 that morphed into a violent, deadly attempted coup. In November, the site also took down a fundraising page for spreading election misinformation.

Since November, GoFundMe told BuzzFeed News, it has found and deleted about 1,400 election-related fundraising campaigns that violated their terms of service. Many of these campaigns were related to “Stop the Steal” rallies, spreading conspiracy theories about election fraud, promoting violence, or trying to raise money for legal fees for people who stormed the Capitol.

And lastly, the New York State Bar Association is investigating whether to drop Rudy Giuliani, Pres. Trump’s personal attorney, from its ranks.

With the major tech corporations are bolstering up their efforts to thwart extremist and dangerous content before it leads to more violence, Trump supporters are still finding ways to organize and fundraise for their cause. After getting booted off GoFundMe, the Proud Boys have turned to GiveSendGo, a popular Christian crowdfunding site.

Enrique Tarrio, the leader of the Proud Boys, a white supremacist group, created a GiveSendGo campaign to help cover his legal fees after he was arrested for targeting a historic Black church and carrying high-capacity firearm magazines during last week’s pro-Trump rallies and banned from the district.

So far, he’s raised more than $113,000 of his $2,000 goal from nearly 2,360 donors. One anonymous donor who gave $10 wrote: “The boys are back in town!”