Nurses Read Names of Colleagues Who’ve Died of COVID-19 in Protest at the White House: WATCH

A group of RNs gathered outside the White House to read the names of colleagues who have died since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the United States  in protest for more personal protective equipment (PPE) and other measures that should be available to all front line health care workers.

According to USA Today: National Nurses United, the largest union of registered nurses in the country, organized the protest to call attention to the thousands of health care workers nationwide who were infected by the coronavirus because of lack of protective equipment, the union said in a statement. About a dozen nurses donned face masks or bandanas and stood about six feet away from each other during the demonstration. In a powerful statement, the names of U.S. nurses who were known to have died of COVID-19 were read aloud during the protest. Forty-six names were read, including two with a “name withheld” designation.

“Nurses protested today because we need to stop the spread of the virus and to do that, nurses and other health care workers need the optimal personal protective equipment to do their jobs safely,” Deborah Burger, RN, co-president of National Nurses United, said in a statement to USA TODAY.

Read the full article here and watch  the powerful video below.