Nick Toteda and Anthony Cushion Talk About Their Break-Up and Mental Health: WATCH

In his latest YouTube video, Nick Toteda says he and his boyfriend, Anthony Cushion,  broke up at least a  year ago.

Toteda says he moved from Montreal, in Quebec Canada to Southhampton in England to be with Cushion who’d began University there. Cushion also says he was taking Accutane for his acne and that it gave him severe side effects including mood swings.

Toteda says that he was just fliming and editing in his “dreary” Southhampton apartment, often isolated and severely depressed. He also confesses to having an eating disorder during this period.

You can follow Cushion on Instagram below.

“We broke up a year ago” Nick writes on the YouTube post. “Thought wed talk about it as a lot of people were asking.. hopefully this video can help some cute couple out there, and also Were kinda relationship couples goals 2019. ace family who? Such cute LGBT gay boyfriends.”

Watch the video below.



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