New Book ‘Hair Love’ Shatters Stereotypes about Black Fathers and Their Daughters: WATCH

Director Matthew A. Cherry created Hair Love to put Black dads positively in the spotlight while breaking media norms around representation and beauty.

Cherry sat down with NowThis News to talk about his children’s book Hair Love. The book puts Black dads and their babies in a positive light showing Black dads combing hair, and proving to people that Black dads matter. This family friendly book would be a superb addition to any kid’s bookshelf and brings a new type of tale to kids book stories. Children’s literature has never seen a book like this. Listen to Hair Love read aloud and you’ll know it’s one of the more original kids books to read.

Cherry raised money for a Hair Love animated short film on Kickstarter.

You can buy Hair Love here.

And watch the interview below.

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