Meet the Jeweler Whose Bracelet is the MUST have Bling for Pride #Stonewall50

After a long, sometimes painful journey to coming out, jewelry designer Leah Fredkin finally found joy when she could accept herself. Part of that journey was made possible by the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

In honor and celebration of her personal journey and 50 years of Pride, Fredkin has created a one of kind humanKIND “PRIDE” bracelet. The limited edition bracelet features a silver or gold crafted safety pin on adjustable rainbow string cord and proceeds will go to help fund the LA LGBT Center. 

Fredkin’s attachment to this piece of jewelry is an intensely personal one and the culmination of a journey that started a year ago when she created a rainbow bracelet to wear the first time she attended a Pride event. She had just come out to her closest friends and family, and the bracelet was close to her heart, something she was proud to wear and create. Inside , however, the truth was that she felt shame. She still had a lot of internalized homophobia to work out, which was the initial reason it took her quite some time to come out.

Fredkin created Equality Goods, “as a wearable symbol of liberty and justice for all humankind; representing shared beliefs and values—but I had not accepted myself.”

The shame began to overwhelm her. She often thought “How can I be the face of my brand if I’m living a lie?” In the end, her community of people could not have been more supportive, loving, and proud of her.

Fredkin modeling her new lariat for Equality Goods.

Fredkin says the concept was inspired by her personal coming-out journey.

“After I came out, I knew I wanted to get involved in the LGBTQ community. The first place I reached out was the LA LGBT Center. They invited me to come tour their facilities and informed me of the different groups I could join.”

Fredkin modeling the bracelet.

Upon her first visit, Fredkin says she was completely, “blown away by the center. The work they do is unparalleled. They comprehensively offer support in all aspects of life by providing health care both: physical and mental, housing, education, and a safe and supportive space for the LGBT community.

Finding the work they do admirable and vital Fredkin hopes the HumanKIND Pride project can contribute to fostering and continuing the center’s efforts.

Fredkin in her studio where she finds inspiration in her gallery.

Raised into a San Francisco family who strongly believed in philanthropy, it allowed two powerful aspects of Fredkin’s life to dovetail nicely with HumanPride, where she combines her passions into meaningful and relevant art.

Fredkin hopes that this bracelet helps engender compassion, acceptance, understanding, and support not only for others, but for yourself. 

Buy your bracelet at the Equality Goods store here and Happy Pride!

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