Meet the High School Students who Befriended the New Student Who No One Would Eat Lunch With: WATCH

Kids are mean.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my experiences in life, they can be the most awful, mean spirited beings in life (*ahem* remember Lord of the Flies?)

And they often target the most vulnerable of us, like Caleb Wrenn, whose diminutive size in relation to his peers probably fostered a gang like bully mentality. Wrenn had just begun his first day at at Reidsville High School in North Carolina. “Nobody will eat lunch with me,” were the words Caleb Wrenn texted his older sister Leah when she asked about his first day as a freshman according to Fox13 News.

“I sat alone at lunch and got lost three times,” he added. He wasn’t having a good first day.


Looking out for her younger brother, Leah took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it to her Twitter where it quickly went viral, gaining more than 80,000 likes.

“Retweet to let my baby brother know that he is cool before I have to pull up to RHS,” she wrote.


After some upperclassmen became aware of the situation, they decided to show Caleb what it means to be a true friend.

Student athletes from the school’s football team surprised Caleb and had lunch with him in the cafeteria, getting to know him and making him feel welcomed in the new and intimidating environment

Then some of players posted a photo posing with Caleb, saying that he felt out of place and thought that no one wanted to eat with him because of his height.

“This young man is a freshman at Reidsville. He was feeling a little out of place and trying to find his way. Due to his height, he felt like no one would want to eat lunch with him. As you can see, several football players stepped up and invited him to eat with them. Proud.”

Many of them even requested to change their lunch times so that they could continue to spend time with Caleb, according to WFMY.

Someone even bought Caleb a pair of Nike Lebrons because of his sister’s Twitter post. “Somebody bought me lebrons because of Leah’s post and to show that people care about me,” wrote Caleb.

Caleb, full of gratitude, Tweeted saying, “Honestly to all the people who pick on others I just wanna say you may have been led down the wrong path but it’s never too late to turn back and just love everyone because that’s why god created us to love each other.”

Watch the clip below.

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