Meet the First Black Gay Episcopal Bishop

The state of Missouri and the Episcopal church made history Sunday when the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri chose their newest leader, the Reverend Deon K. Johnson, who is both Black and openly gay. This is a first in the diocese’s 179-year history.

The diocese is based in St. Louis where CBS affiliate KMOV4 reports, “Reverend Deon K. Johnson was ordained Saturday as the 11th Episcopal Bishop of Missouri. He is the first black, openly-gay bishop in the diocese’s 179-year history. “To find ourselves in this moment, the descendant of a slave, to be called to be the Bishop of Missouri – God is good!” Johnson said during his ordination service. “To the people of Missouri, we have a whole new story to tell and a whole new boldness to tell it with. So I look forward to the adventure.”

Bishop Johnson says racial justice will be an important part of his leadership. He participated in several peaceful protests in St. Louis over the last few weeks.

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