Meet Rising Global Superstar Deepak Sharma

If a film’s subject matter could be grabbed from the headlines—one could not do better than the Indian produced The Lone Wolf (originally called Kalashnikov). The  film is creating a flutter and forcing a debate in certain across communities in the United States, and the world, post the tragic Sri Lankan bombings.

The film also is the debut of Indian-Australian actor Deepak Sharma. Sharma, a former model, plays Aatif who is “the lone wolf” of the titular title. Sharma is that rare multi-hyphenate actor/models who slays at both. Sharma was born in Australia and caught the acting bug when he joined his grandfather’s dance and theatre school in Sydney. Sharma blends into his character with ease and silent brilliance and his portrayal of Aatif  takes the film to different level altogether.

We spoke to Sharma.

On Acting

“I began learning the craft under my grandfather’s  guidance before joining the National Institute of Dramatics Arts (NIDA) in Sydney.

On Being the “Indian” Face of Audi

Sharma is best know  as the face of luxury car brand Audi. Being the first Indian in Australia to be part of an Audi campaign led him to be the face of Audi for the Indian population in Australia.

On How he  Keeps his Amazing Physique 

I eat six timely and portioned out meals and a whole lot of working out. I do prefer acting though. Like for the film I could eat what I wanted and when I wanted.

On his acting debut in Lone Wolf

Your first film picks you and the same had happened with me. Once I managed to get the part, the complexity of the character is what drew me in. Knowing how different I was from him made it even more challenging but a challenge that ultimately shaped what you see in the film today.

Sharma adds, “While film addresses no specific event but a mindset that we have unfortunately seen go out of hand. This issue has caused more global unrest and is universal in nature. We all have to collectively work together at a social, economical, political and religious level to prevent such conflicts to occur. Sadly, that’s where we fail as a society.”

On Combating Global Radicalized Terrorism

That’s something for the higher authorities to be looking into. Let’s hope one day they get their act together and focus on what will help drive global peace.

On his Future

Sharma is being considered for a potential big banner film and a web series. But he concludes, “Having been burnt in the past, I tend not to count my chickens before they hatch. The same goes with this. Let’s wait and see what the universe has planned for me.”

Lone Wolf has been picked up for sales directly by Little House Studio Films based in Beverly Hills, California, and will be distributed by US-based Leomark Films and is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.


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