Mayor Pete Said the Word Poor in Primetime and Just Changed the Game: WATCH

Rhetoric about the middle class has become the chorus that underscores so much of he policy proposals they’ve been pitching, yet the word poor is avoided like the plague as something that has hampered many Democratic campaigns in the past, suggesting a “welfare state” mentality.

At tonight’s debate, Pete Buttigieg reclaimed the p-word for Democrats everywhere.

“This economy is not working for most enough. The biggest problem in our economy is simple, people are not getting paid enough.”

“I know you’re only ever supposed to say ‘middle class’ and not ‘poor’ in politics, but we’ve got to talk about poverty in this country,” Buttigieg said.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow praised Pete on Twitter, “Come on Mayor Pete! YES!!! Don’t just focus on the middle class. REMEMBER THE POOR. Dems used to understand this. Then, “poor” became a different kind of four-letter word. Pete just scored some points with me with that answer.”



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