Mayor Pete on ‘Face the Nation:’ We Have to End the War in Afghanistan: WATCH

Mayor Pete Buttigieg was interviewed by Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation this morning. The South Bend mayor and Democratic presidential candidate spoke with Brennan in a wide-ranging interview. You can read the full transcript and watch the whole clip below, but never forget:

MARGARET BRENNAN: I’m running out of time, but I want to quickly make sure I ask you about Afghanistan since you did serve there. You promised that as president, you would help end the war. How do you do that? And do you trust that you can cut a deal with the Taliban that doesn’t have them repeating what they did leading up to 9/11?

BUTTIGIEG: You know the one thing that- actually first of all let me say this, five years ago when I left Afghanistan, I thought I was one of the last troops and we’re still there. I’m worried that we’re not that far away from reading about the first Afghanistan casualty, American, who was born after 9/11. We have to put an end to a war that is becoming endless and the one thing that I think the Afghans, the Americans, the international community, the right and the left in our own country agree on, is that we need to get out. So the question is can we do it well. 


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