Luke Hudson Responds to Dumb Sh** Cis People Say

People will say, often without meaning to, the most ignorant shit to trans people and be completely oblivious. Rather than ignoring it out of politeness, or getting in a fight, I find making them feel stupid and laughing works best to coming to an understanding. And if they can’t laugh or find the humor in the situation: fuck ’em.

“You’re trans? Aww but you’re so hot!”
“And you’re cis?”
“Yes of course.”
“Aww but you’re so ugly!”

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In review of this I have some extras, use them as you will.
“I never would have thought you were trans if you hadnt told me!”
“I never would have thought you had feet if they weren’t both in your mouth.”
“So like does you family know?”
“Does your boyfriend know you’re here?”
“I’d still fuck you.”
“I’d never fuck you.”
“Let me show you a real man.”
“Let me show you a barber that isn’t dog shit.”
“What’s your old name?”
“What’s your credit card number?”
“So how does trans sex work?”
“Why don’t you worry about getting someone to have sex with you first.”

Luke Hudson is an actor and musician who lives in Las Vegas. Follow him on Instagram.