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GREEN LANTERN: LEGACY When Vietnamese-American writer Minh Lê began thinking about writing a story within the Green Lantern corner of DC, says Newsarama,  it occurred to him that he already knew someone strong-willed who wore a green ring …his grandmother. That heritage has informed Lê’s new graphic novel, Green Lantern: Legacy, which introduces the first Vietnamese-American Green Lantern – a teenager named Tai Pham who inherits his strong-willed grandmother’s jade ring.

Legacy incorporates existing members of the Green Lantern Corps into its story, but it also expands the mythology by introducing readers to the rich community surrounding Tai and his family. On sale now. Read the full interview with Lê here. And watch the trailer below.

A DELTA JET that was preparing for an emergency landing dumped thousands of gallons of fuel over a string of Los Angeles elementary schools, causing 60 people to suffer minor skin and eye injuries.

GALAXY’S EDGE Comic-Book illustrator supreme Phil Jimenez just visited. He gushes, “That #GalaxysEdgeland at #Disneyland is bonkers beautiful. I always joke that my nostalgia gene is almost dead, but this entire place made me smile at its construction and its Easter egg surprises. An #Imagineering marvel. Many thanks to @in.sta.sam for the ticket and our brief visit to a galaxy far, far away before my plane ride back to NYC. #starwars

EPSTEIN CASE A new lawsuit claims he trafficked girls until 2018. According to the New York Times, “The attorney general of the Virgin Islands says Mr. Epstein and co-conspirators used a database to track victims as young as 11 years old.

QUENTIN TARANTINO made the ‘right decision’ by refusing to edit Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for the Chinese market. According to Indie Wire, “China blockedthe October theatrical release of “Hollywood” for unspecified reasons, although it was understood the government had an issue with the film’s controversial Bruce Lee scene. Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon reportedly filed a complaint to China’s National Film Administration due to Tarantino’s portrayal of her father, a national hero in China. Tarantino refused to edit the Bruce Lee scene out in order to secure a theatrical release in China.

“They absolutely backed me, 100%,” Tarantino recently told Deadline about Sony agreeing to skip China. “They were all disappointed, and so was I. Partly because we had Chinese co-producers and we wanted to do well by them. But there is a certain line you cannot cross. If it was just ‘Ok, Cliff slams Katie’s face into the fireplace four times…can we make it two times?’ Ok, I could do that. To actually remove an entire scene because the country finds that scene objectionable? No.”

In a phone interview with Billboard, Biggie’s mother, Voletta Wallace, expressed her delight upon hearing the news of her son’s monumental feat. “Today, I’m feeling great,” she said. “As a mother, I’m extremely proud of his accomplishments. You know, I still see such a young man at a young age, and sadly, he’s not here to witness all this. But it’s an astute honor, and as a mother, I’m just elated for that.”

MISSY ELLIOT “Why I Still Love You”  official music video is here.

DYLAN RUBIC was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness when his whole world turned around once he found out he was gay. Watch the video of the story of his  life going down this hard road below the photo.

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Rubic says of the video, “I hope you guys benefit from watching this video. Most of this video is my story but if you just need some wise words of wisdom, go to 12:05.



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