Leslie Jordan Wants to Know What’s Wrong with ‘Poor Little Meth Mouth’ on ‘Tiger King’—WATCH

Will & Grace actor and comic legend Leslie Jordan has become an Instagram staple during quarantine with his comic musings but he hands down wins the interwebz with his latest video —  a commentary on that Netflix phenomenon Tiger King.

Jordan appears with a steam iron in his hand, a TV screen off to the side, as he narrates: “So it has come to this. I’m ironing to pass the time and watching a murder  program on television. Honey, she killed him. And then she fed him to the tigers. That much we know. But what I can’t figure out is poor little meth mouth. That kid telling about it doesn’t have a tooth in his head. And he won’t put his shirt on. Son! You gotta get camera ready. Can’t help your teeth but put a shirt on.”

Watch it below, “The only question I have is, Where in hell is his shirt?” #tigerking #methmouth #cameraready#pressedsheets #shedidit


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