Adam Lambert’s Vocals Slay in New Video ‘Closer to You’—WATCH

Adam Lambert took us to school with a live performance of his new song “Closer To You” that dropped earlier this week.

Billboard magazine said, “In the black-and-white visual, the star belts out the Velvet: Side A cut in a glittering Western shirt and loose, Elvis Presley-esque pompadour. “And I would sink my house down under water/ I would trade all my gold for dirt/ Lemme tell ya right now/ I would walk through fire just to hold ya/ Whatever gets me closer to you,” Lambert wails, backed by an all-female band and backup singers.

“Closer To You” is featured on the singer’s latest EP, Velvet: Side A. The project’s Side B is expected to be released in the coming months, and is sure to include even more chill-inducing vocal gymnastics from the Queen collaborator.

See for yourself below.

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