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PHOTO OF THE DAY Lock It Up by Kevin Singer. Coronado, California.

K-POP Why it’s hard for stars to be gay. CNN says, “Homophobia is still rife in South Korea, where very few mainstream music stars have come out as gay. The country has no comprehensive anti-discrimination laws to protect LGBTQ South Koreans, and compared to nearby democracies like Japan and Taiwan, the country is less accepting of same-sex couples.”

BERNIE BROS The  New York Times asks why the Bernie bros won’t listen when he tells them to stop bullying: “When Mr. Sanders’s supporters swarm someone online, they often find multiple access points to that person’s life, compiling what can amount to investigative dossiers. They will attack all public social media accounts, posting personal insults that might flow in by the hundreds. Some of the missives are direct threats of violence, which can be reported to Twitter or Facebook and taken down.”
WEHO Circus of Books reopens as ChiChi LaRue’s Circus: “Where the old Circus of Books was a dark and somewhat dingy cruising spot with most of the windows covered up—some by the drop ceilings—the new space is voluminous, abounding with glass tables stacked with gay art books, freshly painted carnation-pink walls, and tangerine Kandinsky chairs. The newly installed department-store-sized windows allow passersby to glimpse leather-clad mannequins—or a mirrored wall of lube (“Vaseline Alley”)—beside a bright white poppers bar, and a white-walled gallery with a curated selection of LGBTQ coffee table books and art by local LGBTQ artists.”
WONDER WOMAN‘s Gal Gadot does “The Dolly Parton” challenge on Instagram.

FIRST TRANS  man to race in the Olympic Trials will be Chris Mosier says Trans Speak, “Known for his groundbreaking achievements in sports, Chris Mosier, continues to set new benchmarks for transgender athletes worldwide. A 6x member of Team USA in duathlon & triathlon and 2x National Champion in Race Walking in 2019, Mosier can now add first transgender man to qualify to compete in the Olympic Trials in the gender in which he identifies. Mosier joined other 2020 U.S. Olympic hopefuls on Saturday at Town Center Parkway in Santee, California to compete in the 50km U.S. Olympic Team Trials Race Walk. The three top finishers earned the right to represent Team USA at the Summer Olympics, if they meet the qualification standards set by the International Association of Athletics Federations.”

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For all those following along: Today was incredible and heartbreaking. I ended up my very first DNF (did not finish), pulling out of the race early with a knee injury. . Since making it to the Olympic Trials was my main goal last year, I feel extremely accomplished. I started training in a new sport in May 2019. In January 2020, I was ranked 12th & toe the line with the best men in the nation. . I wanted come here today and have this experience and make history and celebrate. And with it being such a big, special race I had to line up; but the truth is my leg has been hurting for a long time and this morning I had two options: go all out today and hurt myself even more, or exit early and live to race another day. . I made the tough but wise choice. I have a torn meniscus in my right knee and will be looking at surgery very soon (but first any other options! DM me suggestions please!) . Despite the agony of watching most of this race from the sideline, I had a wonderful experience. I feel blessed to be here. I can’t downplay the significance of starting the race or the fact that I only started racewalking seven months ago and have done only two races prior – a pretty awesome beginning to my new sport. . This is just a step on my journey. @coach.robyn told me today: “progress is not a straight line” It’s true. . It’s all good as long as we are moving forward. And forward isn’t always a straight line either. This isn’t the end – on the contrary, this is very early in this new chapter. And I will say now with confidence: this is not my last race or last Olympic Trials. . Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes, good luck, and good vibes this weekend, and thank you for all support and congratulations throughout. Thanks for your text messages and videos – I felt the love and you really showed me what you’re about. ✊ . I really appreciate you being along for the ride. 🙏 Buckle up – we’re going to fix this knee and really let it rock! . #imagedescription Chris Mosier zips up a blue @nike jacket after withdrawing from the Olympic Trials race with a knee injury. . #transathlete #history #racewalking #nike #nikerunning #olympictrials #dnf #nodaysoff #nobaddays

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#ICYMI Undercover Boss checks in with one of its more notorious bosses, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), to see if he kept his promise to change his company. From Saturday’s SNL.

HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, the creators of The Fantastic Four and founders of the Marvel Universe were Jewish storytellers.  Give a thought to them on this Holocaust Remembrance Day.


MARK HAMILL on Kobe Bryant. Hamill wrote on Twitter, “Kobe won the Best Animated Short #AcademyAward for writing & narrating #DearBasketball (music by #JohnWilliams)-It was his heartfelt love-letter to the game that made him a legend & a superstar. It was an honor to present him his much-deserved Oscar.#GoneTooSoon #RIPGiannaBryant

ARE TOPS WORTH MORE THAN BOTTOMS? Gay adult porn star Armond Rizzo asks. Rizzo took to his 320K social media followers over the weekend after getting an offer from a studio that pays their bottoms less than their tops.

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Tweeted Rizzo: “This has never happened to me but there’s a studio who is interested in me and what I found out about them is mind blowing. They pay bottoms way less than tops n there excuse the site is more top dominant … If your wondering what site I am talking about it’s @BlacksOnBoys such a shame… lost my respect.

ROBIN 80th Anniversary 1940’s cover pencils by Jim Lee after Bob Kane.

NBA players reflect on the legacy of Kobe Bryant after his death.


SNL’ s Bowen Yang was profiled bu The New York Times‘ Maureen Dowd and revealed that he is a survivor of gay conversion therapy. Said Yang: “The first few sessions were talk therapy, which I liked, and then it veers off into this place of, ‘Let’s go through a sensory description of how you were feeling when you’ve been attracted to men.’ And then the counselor would go through the circular reasoning thing of, ‘Well, weren’t you feeling uncomfortable a little bit when you saw that boy you liked?’ And I was like, ‘Not really.’ He goes, ‘How did your chest feel?’ And I was like, ‘Maybe I was slouching a little bit.’ And he goes, ‘See? That all stems from shame.’ It was just crazy. Explain the gay away with pseudoscience.”

Read the full interview HERE.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK hardcover art by Gary Frank.

Combining all 12 issues of the ground breaking miniseries and sequel to Alan Moore’s Watchmen.
MONDAY MUSCLES “Wasn’t feeling creative today, so basic mirror selfie cause I miss you so much dang 🥺😞❤️ talk to me, I’m feeling needy,” says Brian Diaz.

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