‘Junjo Romantica’ is Sweet, Funny, and Relatable: WATCH

When it comes to Boys Love anime or Yaoi, I am still getting my feet wet.

So, I was thankful that the good people at Right Stuff Anime not only have several titles to choose from but have even given me some recommendations. Their first, was a series I’d never heard of before: Junjo Romantica.

The series follows three very different couples, caught up in a storm of pure romance. The first couple are Misaki and Usami.  Misaki, who is struggling with his college entrance exams, hires a tutor, Usmi, a friend of his older brothers, who is also a famous novelist. The two couldn’t be more different if they wanted to be. Usai is eccentric and protective while Misaki is still just young and impulsive.

The second couple are Kamijou, who’s hit a low-point in his life and Nowaki, who refuses to let anything hold him back. Nowaki’s name means typhoon, and that’s exactly how he enters Kamijou’s life.

The third couple are Miyagi, who’s always smiling and joking around and Shinobu who believes that their relationship is nothing short of destiny. There is a thread of connection between the couples, that sort of ties all their stories together, but their stories are not necessarily intwined with one another.

To date Right Stuff has released all three seasons of Junjo Romantica. Each season takes the couples deeper into the world of romance and relationships as the six of them learn what it means to live life, not just as individuals coming into their own, but as united entities. Couples, who are not always perfect, but who, at their very core deeply love one another.

The relationship between Misaki and Usami was especially relatable to me, as  I had a similar relationship when I was younger. I saw so much of my past in their relationship that I couldn’t help but laugh.

It was fantastic.

What I love about this series is how engaging it is. All three couples are sweet, hysterical, and despite being animated – are quite relatable. Presented 16:9, 1080i high definition, the series has never been dumbed so, you’ll have to be able to read subtitles, which was another new experience for me – but an enjoyable one.

All three series can be purchased through Right Stuff Anime along with the manga, and other related merchandise.


Photo credit: JUNJO ROMANTICA: (c) 2008 Shungiku NAKAMURA_KADOKAWASHOTEN/Romantica Club!!

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