John Oliver Makes Sense of What’s Happening in Hong Kong

TONIGHT’S Last Week Tonight with John Oliver focused on China with an indepth report that interrogates the dangers of their internal politics and the pettiness of the tariff shell game Trump is playing.

To recap: Hundreds of thousands of people returned to the streets of Hong Kong in an attempt to restore peace after violent scenes at the city’s airport earlier this week. It was the 11th consecutive week of protests. Organizers said 1.7 million participated in the demonstrations, while police put the number at 128,000 people.

Their demands: The protests started in June over a controversial extradition law, but have now expanded to call for Hong Kong’s leader to step down, an inquiry into alleged police brutality, for those who have been arrested to be released and greater democratic freedoms.

In a Facebook post below, activist Shaun King shows the size of the crowd.

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