John Mulaney: ‘The Horse Has Left the Hospital’—WATCH

Back in his 2018 Netflix comedy special, Kid Gorgeous, John Mulaney did a brilliant bit about Trump having been elected in an analogy of it being equivalent to a “horse loose in a hospital,” that was original, fresh, and crazy funny.

Bustle said of the bit at the time, “John Mulaney has solidified his spot as a comedy icon time and time again. From his years writing on Saturday Night Live — he’s the one who concocted the character of Stefan with Bill Hader — to his endlessly referenced stand-up acts, he never fails to deliver a laugh. John Mulaney’s Netflix special Kid Gorgeous, which dropped on May 1, is no different. And, though the entire thing is saturated with quotable lines and stories, there’s one standout joke you can’t miss from Kid Gorgeous.”

About two-thirds of the way through the performance, filmed at Radio City Music Hall in New York City during his most recent tour, Mulaney delves into politics. If you’re at all familiar with the work he’s done over the years, you know he’s not exactly a “political comedian.” He acknowledges that, saying he’s never really cared much about politics, but that’s changed since “last November, the strangest thing happened!” Without mentioning President Trump by name, Mulaney offers his hilarious take on the current chaos of America’s political situation:

“This guy being the president, it’s like there’s a horse loose in a hospital. I think eventually everything’s going to be OK, but I have no idea what’s going to happen next. And neither do any of you, and neither do your parents, because there’s a horse loose in the hospital. That’s never happened before! No one knows what the horse is going to do next, least of all the horse. He’s never been in the hospital before, he’s just as confused as you are.”

This bit goes on for several minutes, getting more and more outrageous as it does. Mulaney says some people have tried to offer expert solutions because they’ve seen birds inside the airport — but that’s not good enough. We’ve all seen birds inside the airport! This is a horse loose in a hospital. The days when you don’t hear anything from the horse are the worst, he says. Doctors are trying to go about their surgeries while side-eyeing each other and asking if anyone knows what the horse is up to. It’s quiet — too quiet. The comparisons keep coming, each more gut-busting than the last.

Watch the bit below.

Well, as Mulaney posted today on Insta, the horse has left the hospital and “stay out!”


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And stay out!

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