Jacob Chansley AKA Jake Anjeli’s Mom Says He Hasn’t Eaten Since His Arrest Friday Because Jail Doesn’t Have an Organic Meal Choice

If the protests in Washington D.C. Wednesday were represented by one person  we could all agree on it, it would would be the mad  looking Jacob Chansley.

Following his first court appearance Monday, his mother asked for lenience as Chansley hasn’t eaten since his arraignment on Friday.

According to Central AZ: Angeli, 33, turned himself in at the Phoenix FBI office on Saturday, as he was aware authorities were looking for him.

Angeli, who had made a habit of making a public spectacle at protests and marches  in Phoenix, also attracted attention on Wednesday as a mob of Trump supporters rushed past security at the U.S. Capitol. The melee left five dead, including one Capitol police officer.


Angeli wore his familiar costume of the animal-skin hat topped with horns and had his face painted red, white and blue as he wandered with others through the Capitol building. At one point, he briefly took the dais in the U.S. Senate chamber, holding a six-foot spear in one hand while flexing his other arm.

Angeli was charged with disorderly conduct, violent entry and illegally being on restricted spaces within the Capitol grounds.

Angeli was held over the weekend at an undisclosed location in Phoenix after turning himself in. The U.S. Marshal for Phoenix, David Gonzalez, said Angeli would be facing charges that would keep him locked up for “years and years.”

Angeli appeared by telephone from a quarantined portion of the detention facility where he was being held.

Though in previous interviews with the Republic, he expressed doubts about whether the virus was real, Angeli did not object when the judge asked whether he was OK with appearing by telephone rather than in person, following protocols put in place during the pandemic.

Angeli answered the routine questions asked by Magistrate Judge Deborah Fine with mostly perfunctory answers: “Yes, your honor.”

Fine ordered him held until a hearing scheduled for Friday, at which she would determine whether Angeli would face charges in Washington D.C. while in custody or out of custody.

Asked if he could afford an attorney, Angeli told the judge he couldn’t, but expected that might change. “Provided I am able to get hold of a certain friend of mine, I was told I could have a lawyer from him,” Angeli said over the telephone.