Jaboukie Young-White Teaches a Couple of Gay Guys How to Act Straight so They Can Donate COVID-19 Antibodies: WATCH

One of the most frustrating parts of the pandemic and a long standing thorn for gay activists are the archaic laws left over from the AIDS pandemic that bans gay men from donating blood. Many gay men who have testes positive for the highly sought after COVID-19 antibodies have been turned away because of the ban. The Daily Show‘s young gay correspondent Jaboukie Young-White hysterically skewers the logic of the ban in this segment.

Young-White zoomed with two gay men with COVID-19 antibodies who tried to donate their blood plasma to fight the coronavirus epidemic but failed because of the FDA’s discriminatory ban. Young-White’s solution: try passing as straight.

Young-White: “If you want them to take your blood, you just can’t reveal that you’re gay. You have to pass as a straight guy. …. Your look should kind of say, ‘I’m looking for a girlfriend to shop for me because I can’t shop for myself.’ Also, do you have any clothes that your mom bought you? Plaid? Any plaid? More plaid? How ’bout any boot cut jeans? Do you have shoes that look like they’re too casual for formal events, and then too formal for casual events, and they’re scuffed up and they look like they’re the only shoes you’ve owned for the past decade? Let me hear you say ‘bro.’”