Male Nipples: Vestigial Remnants of Evolution or the Door Knobs To Sex?

Are your tits sensitive?

There’s the perception that originated that only gay men enjoy their nipples played with or have sensitive nipples. Men have nipples because when we’re conceived we don’t have a gender – Your nipples came before your penis. For many guys, it’s an erogenous zone.Straight girls have worked out their boyfriends love having them played with, while us gay guys were on to that for a while.

“Like most other sexual acts, nipple play is highly variant: Some men love it, and some men hate it. That said, there’s a body of research suggesting that there’s something of a nipple gender gap. A 2006 survey by Drs. Roy Levin and Cindy Meston determined that only 52 percent of men reported nipple stimulation increasing their sexual arousal, as opposed to 82 percent of women. Bottom line: #Notallmen love nip play. But #notallmen loathe it either.” (Source: DailyDot)

WellFellow: Our nipples are essentially useless — except for providing pleasure.  The nerve endings on your nipples provide a road map to your genitals.  And some studies have shown that they’re tied to your brain activity and send immediate signals that it’s time to get busy.

Male and female nipples have the same number of nerve endings. In fact, for men, the sensations may be more intense because they have the same number of nerve endings in a smaller space.

To learn how your nipples can be a huge source of pleasure watch 9 Ways To Pleasure Male Nipples. Try these at home and, if you want explicit gay nipple content, watch Daddy’s Milk.

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