How to Get Off in the Age of Social Distancing

Right now, the people of the United States (and the really the entire world) are living in very uncharted times. With mandatory closures of social venues becoming a real thing, normal hook-up spots are closing their doors. Health officials are also recommending social distancing, so turning to hook-up apps is also something a lot of people are wanting to avoid. But, social distancing doesn’t have to be totally unfun. In fact, with the right tools, it can be the exact opposite.

Pear #unporn by Charles Deluvio@charlesdeluvio on Unssplash.

One of the reasons Fleshjack is one of the best companies on the market is because of it’s numerous toys and accessories that you can enjoy. What’s best about these toys is that you can use them by yourself, or with a partner; if you’re lucky enough to have someone that you’re quarantined with. Two weeks is a LONG time, and while it’s hard to be with anyone for any extended period of time in the same space, hard doesn’t have to mean difficult and with a company like Flashjack, hard can be super fucking fun.

Here are just a few, with information from the Flesjack website.

Turbo. Part of the icejack family it’s uniquely designed with three points of initial insertion, the Turbo provides the mind-blowing sensations synonymous with getting a stellar blowjob every time you use it. Whether you like to stimulate just the tip or you prefer the tight, spine-tingling sensation of deep throating, the Turbo provides you the tease and the thrill to get to the finish line.

The Lovesack. You can read my full review here, but with it’s realistic texture and a pair of firm yet soft hanging testicles, the Lovesack is probably my most favorite toy on the market. Especially if you pair it with with a shower mount.

Seriously it’s sensational.

Go Torque: Another part of the icejack family, the GO is discreet, light and with it’s compact design, you’re now able to have a blast wherever you go. The GO is a compressed and portable version of our original best-selling Fleshlight male self-pleasure toy, making it the perfect travel companion. Single-handed grip action allows for more ease and more fun, proving that the best things really do come in small packages.

Fleshskins. When your standard Fleshlight toys aren’t an option, FleshSkins is the perfect alternative. The company’s first sleeve-only toy will be sure to blow you away – literally! You control the tightness and intensity of your masturbation experience with the stroke of your (or your partner’s) hand, but with the skin-soft, intensely-textured Fleshlight material that the world already knows and loves. FleshSkins toys can go wherever you go, and they’re small enough to hide away in practically any storage space. No plastic case means girth isn’t an issue – one-size truly fits all. Best of all, the price is unbeatable – this Fleshlight experience is still massively enjoyable, but at minimal cost.

Vibro. The first  battery operated toy, the Vibro utilizes the same sensual SuperSkin as the original Fleshlight, but with the added all-encompassing vibrations that make for an intensely satisfying experience.

Some of porn’s hottest stars have their very own collections with fleshjack, including Diego Sans – the companies most popular Fleshjack boy.

The Sex Machine Dildo pack include  a 7.5″ Dildo molded after Sans beautiful cock. It has an insertable length: 6″ excluding balls, with a base circumference of 6”. The fleshjack, also molded from the actor himself, it features a tight opening with waves of pleasure folds, followed by a series of intense nodules, bumps and ridges that will take any jerk off session to the next level. As March is the actor’s birthday month, all of his products are 10% off.

The same is true for actor Milan Christopher, who’s dildo measures at 9″ including balls with an invertible length of 7.25″ and a circumference of 5.75” at the base of the shaft. His fleshjack features a tight opening with a swirl of ridges, followed by pleasure nodes and a series of patterned folds and bumps that will have you ready to dive in day and night.

My favorite Flashjack boy however is none other than the beautiful Jake Bass. His dildo sized at 6” from base to tip has an invertible length of 5” with a circumference at the base of the shaft at the same. The fleshjack is made with a texture exclusive to Jake Bass, perfect for mind-blowing pleasure.

All three sets include an 8oz bottle of water based lube and each piece in the set is also available for individual purchase.

Other Flashjack boys include Levi Carter, Brent Corrigan, Pierre Fitch, Austin Wilde, and Sean Zevran (just to name a few). So, if the quarantine blues get you down, just sit back, unzip, and let Fleshjack ease your mind and fulfill your most fabulous fuck fantasies. They won’t disappoint.

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