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WILD FIRES still rage in the west. Oregon and California face record destruction from wild fires that are being attributed to climate change. CNN reports: “California is in the midst of an existential climate crisis. It was just two years ago that this area saw the deadliest wildfire in our history. Now, just a few miles away, another deadly wildfire has ripped through these same communities,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday. “There is no doubt — climate change is here, and it is happening faster than most had anticipated.”

Flames from the LNU Lightning Complex fires jump Butts Canyon Rd. on Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020, as firefighters work to contain the blaze in unincorporated Lake County. The fire has killed four people, destroyed 845 structures and scorched more than 340,000 acres according to Cal Fire. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)
On the front lines are thousands of firefighters who have so far had little help from weather — with high temperatures and winds fanning the flames. And officials say the flames won’t burn out any time soon.
At least eight of Oregon’s wildfires are expected to burn “until the winter’s rains fall,” Oregon Department of Forestry Fire Chief Doug Grafe said Friday.
CHASTEN BUTTIGIEG appeared on The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson about his new memoir, I Have Something to Tell You. In it he talks about meeting and falling in love with former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and the impact of his candidacy. “Now that Buttigieg is happily married to the politician best known as ‘Mayor Pete,’ Michaelson asked what his advice was for others who might be struggling with identity or sexuality. “I remember being a suicidal teenager… wondering if there was a future for me in this country, if I would ever know love, if I would ever know community,” Buttigieg recalled. “I wish I could go back and put my arm around that kid’s shoulder and tell him I know the bad feels terrible, but wait until you feel the good, wait until you know what it’s truly like to be loved by someone… they say it gets better, and I know it sounds like a load of baloney, but it truly does.” Buttigieg credits his husband with some of that change, saying that he felt broken when he met Pete, but that Pete made him feel loved, seen, comfortable, and cherished.

HEARTTHROB HONCHO D.J. Jesse Siminski from Berlin, “Overjoyed to share something I love in a place I love. Grateful is an understatement ❤️.”


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Overjoyed to share something I love in a place I love. Grateful is an understatement ❤️

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TITANS Season 3 is set to start shooting on October 13th. Originally season three was scheduled to air in October. The show’s production has been delayed twice due to the coronovirus pandemic and the show is moving from the DC Universe streaming site to HBO Max. Rumors are that a spin-off team will debut, with the leader of the new Teen Titans team none other than Red Robin aka Tim Drake, who is set to be introduced in the third season of the series. Other characters that are set to debut in season 3 are Barbara Gordon, and Scarecrow.
32ND CENTURY DISPATCH Star Trek: Discovery is finally coming back October 15 on CBS All Access. The crew of the discovery have landed 950 years in the future and it appears their efforts to stop Control succeeded, but what’s happened to the United Federation of Planets?
Speaking to Star Trek magazine, actress Sonequa Martin-Green says of her character Michael Burnham’s arrival and separation from the crew when she arrives in the future: “In the… time that I spent alone, I marched to the beat of my own drum, in a way. But then I’ve also always been so duty-oriented.So, there’s been this interesting progression of not having to work, not having to be so principle-based, but to just be on this mission to find my crew. We see what it feels like for me to get a little rougher around the edges.”
Watch the season 3 trailer below.
MASK4MASK Cover star Jack says, “Ok I guess apartment gyms work too.”

THE ALPHA is an erotic cartoon rendition of an alpha male and his betas by @PupSquirt, a kinky dude who draws sometimes.

ATLANTA Psychologist Machel Hunt wants to get Black gay men into therapy. Living Out Loud says, “Black gay relationship counselor and psychosexual therapist Machel Hunt tells The Reckoning that he is “on a mission to have every Black gay man in Atlanta in therapy.”

“The London, England bred therapist who now calls Atlanta home has built a thriving practice in the heart of what is considered by many as the Black gay mecca. And while Hunt’s expertise is not limited to counseling Black gay men, he is very open about his passion for helping this particular population ‘deal with the traumas that impact us and causes us not to be the best version of ourselves.'”

It’s those untreated traumas that we as Black gay men have ignored, oftentimes to the detriment of our romantic relationships and our individual growth that Hunt wants Black gay men to address.

“We’re all trying to find ourselves and we’re trying to project that onto someone else,” said Hunt. “You cannot be in a successful relationship or a healthy relationship until you’re able to be with yourself in a healthy way. So recognizing what your limitations are, recognizing what you need to work on to be the best version of you.”

MONOLOGUE: TESTED, MASKED, AND SPREAD APART Bill Maher broke down the weeks’ news on his opening of Real Time on HBO Friday night.

RUBBER SUPERHERO SUITS are durable and fetish ready. Oh and they look good too.

FOOTCARE @Go_Divatan writes,  “It is an image that his face is being messed up by his opponent who cannot rebel. It may be a senior, a teacher, or a father.”

PARTING SHOT Chris says, “Idk why I don’t wear these more often.” Us either.

SONG OF THE DAY Janelle Monae “Turntables.”

REMIX OF THE DAY Kylie Minogue – “Say Something” (Syn Cole Remix).
QUOTE OF THE DAY “I like my men a little ugly bc the dick… whew.”

ONE FOR THE ROAD Howard Stern on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday.