Gun Sales Soar in New York State and Around the Country As Coronavirus Fear Spreads

Gun sales have reached an all time high in New York State’s Albany county and around the state as fear and cases of COVID-19 rise across the state.

Photo by Max Kleinen@hirmin on Unsplash.

CBS 6 News in Albany reports: As other businesses close down for concerns of Coronavirus, Schenectady retailer Upstate Guns and Ammo is open busier than ever. Friday morning a line of people waited for owner Craig Serafini to let them in. “Fear, people are afraid of the unknown and right now. They are afraid with the virus, they’re afraid the police forces will be reduced because the officers will take ill, or maybe just people are going to panic and rob and loot, so they’re taking action to try and protect their families,” Serafini said.

Customers are currently limited to one firearm and one box of ammo each.

The New York Times reports that this a trend seen nationally: Gun and ammunition dealers said they have seen an influx of customers with similar concerns in recent weeks, creating a spike in sales as coronavirus anxiety spreads. Reports of firearms and survival gear flying off the shelves have been widespread, including in California, New York, Washington State, Alabama and Ohio. Photos on Twitter over the weekend showed lines around the block at one Los Angeles gun shop.


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