Greg Pak Is Bringing Marvel’s First All-Asian Superhero Team: ‘Agents Of ATLAS’

Comic book superstar writer and artist, Greg Pak, tells Melonchollyball that Agents of Atlas, “features both Asian and Asian American heroes, which I absolutely love.  A lot of the fun of the Protectors arc from Totally Awesome Hulk, which featured a bunch of Asian American super heroes saving New York from an alien invasion, was the diversity within the group. Young heroes and older heroes; immigrants and US-born; folks with family origins from all over Asia. It made for a ton of fun as they hung out and fought side-by-side and bonded over their similarities — and differences.  So now, as Sindr threatens Asia, this group of Asian American heroes will team up with overseas Asian heroes, which gives us even more diversity of experience and greater challenges for Amadeus in holding this team together. I just love that in this big, fun comic book about fighting Fire Goblins, we get to subtly explore some aspects of the Asian diaspora. We’ve got it all, friends!”

Pak says of the team’s line-up, “from the beginning, I knew I wanted to feature Amadeus Cho, who’s now in his slightly slimmer but still Hulk-like Brawn form, along with Shang-Chi, Silk, Jimmy Woo, and Kamala Khan, our big heroes from the Protectors storyline. Amadeus would be our point character — the big emotional arc of the story centers around Amadeus, who’s used to being a kind of brash, cocky outsider, but now has to actually step up and lead a big, sprawling team with tons of internal conflicts.  And then there were certain new characters that my editors were really hoping I could incorporate — like Luna Snow and Crescent and Io, original Korean superheroes created for the Marvel Future Fightgame, and Aero and Sword Master, original Chinese super heroes created with NetEase for Chinese webcomics.”

Greg Pak.

Greg Pak is an American film director and comic book writer, known for his work on books published by Marvel Comics, including X-Treme X-Men and several titles featuring the Hulk and Hercules. As of 2019, Pak writes Weapon X and Weapon H for Marvel Comics. Pak was born in Dallas, Texas to a Korean-American father and a white mother. He graduated from Hillcrest High School. He studied political science at Yale University, where he wrote for the campus humor magazine, The Yale Record, and NPR. In 1991 he went to study history at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar with the intent of becoming a politician. He then entered New York University’s graduate film program.

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