George Zimmerman Is Suing Trayvon Martin’s Family For $100 Million

George Zimmerman who murdered 17 year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012, is now suing his family and others for $100 million.

According the the South Florida Sun-Sentinel News: “Zimmerman’s attorney, Boca Raton-based Larry Klayman, a former federal prosecutor, said the lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Polk County. He alleges that the prosecution’s key witness in his 2013 murder trial, Rachel Jeantel, was an ‘imposter and fake witness.’”

The complaint alleges that in March 2012, the Sanford Police Department closed the case as self-defense. But a week later, the Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump produced an audio recording of “Diamond Eugene,” who was Martin’s 16-year-old girlfriend who had been on the phone with Martin just before the altercation with Zimmerman, the complaint said.

The complaint alleges two weeks later, 18-year-old Rachel Jeantel told prosecutors she was Diamond Eugene “and provided false statements to incriminate Zimmerman based on coaching from others.”

The lawyers argue that based on Martin’s cellphone records, Rachel Jeantel was not Martin’s girlfriend, was not on the phone with him before the altercation, and that “she lied repeatedly to cause Zimmerman’s arrest and to try to send him to prison for life.”

According to the lawsuit, “Defendant Jeantel lied repeatedly about having a relationship with Trayvon, about being on the phone with Trayvon in the days and minutes up to his death, and lied about everything she claimed to have heard over the phone in the hours and minutes prior to Trayvon’s death. Defendant Jeantel also lied about her identity, falsely claiming her nickname to be ‘Diamond Eugene.’ ”


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